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beachzest asked:

So I saw your post about throwing cards and I was wondering, how did you get your aim so good? I have the speed and stuff but the cards don't go where I want them to go

I answered:

First of all, wow, someone actually read that post! Thank you so much :)

Aim is tricky to determine and really just comes with more practice. I found that cards have a tendency to curve upward, sometimes more than others. Taking that into consideration definitely helps (but maybe that’s just me).

What helped me is having a specific target (balloons are great, because if they’re cheap, they’ll pop easily) and focusing on trying to hit that. Once you become more consistent you can try your hand at hitting a cut open water melon, or even slicing bananas. You’ll get a good feel for the right time to release the card pretty easily.

I learned everything I know (which isn’t much) from this video with Dave Fracno: The dude has skills.

I hope this helps! Good luck, and stay excellent.

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